My name is Heather L. Weatherspoon.  I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a friend. I love autumn, stormy weather, and sunsets… barns, vegetable stands, and old houses… small-town festivals, Christmas, church socials… big dogs, goats, and all things bovine… rocks, old pictures, and rag dolls… the sounds of crickets chirping, frogs croaking, rain falling… front porches, rocking chairs, and going for a walk… candlelight, moonlight, a quiet house at the end of the day. And stories…

Sam and Me
Sam and Me: Image courtesy of Kathryn Lynn

I have always loved stories. Elementary school reading books, the Bible, historic reenactments, spooky tales shared around a campfire in October, eyewitness testimonies… they all tell a story.

Reading was one of my favorite activities as a kid and still is today: Nancy Drew mysteries, Kathryn Tucker Windham’s 13 Ghosts series, my fourth-grade Alabama History textbook.  I loved them all!

That history book was ancient even back in 1980. I still remember the rust-colored cover, the lovely old book smell, and the slightly weathered pages. Oh, the stories it told! I was tempted to keep it for myself at the end of the year and claim it lost. Good sense prevailed, though I’d give an arm and a leg to have a copy of that old book today.

Nowadays I still favor fiction for children and youth over the bestsellers on the adult book lists. Something about the world through the eyes of a child or animal makes much more sense to me than most adult points of view.

Retelling and sharing the events of our days helps preserve their magic, their meaning, and their beauty. Every day is not always easy. Every day is not always fun. But every day has moments that make it special and unique. Those are the moments that turn the mundane into the memorable, that kindle the joy, faith, and love inside us. We hope you like our stories. We’d love to hear yours.

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