Church Street: Things That Go “Bump” in the Day

Church Street Cemetery

Do you like ghost stories, mysterious photographs, sharing opinions about the paranormal? Enjoy the company of those who do?

Join us Tuesday, October 17 at 11:30 AM at one of Mobile’s most haunted locations, the Church Street Cemetery, for spooky fun with local writer Elizabeth Parker. Elizabeth is the author of Mobile Ghosts, Mobile Ghosts II, and Haunted Mobile.

We will begin our day dining al fresco with each other and the ghosts, so bring a sack lunch. Elizabeth will share some of her most memorable experiences and favorite spooky photographs. Bring your own photos and stories to share, too.

Discussion will include popular ghost hunting equipment and the types of “evidence” produced by each.  If you have EMF meters, dousing rods, cameras (cell phone or DSLR), digital recorders, etc., feel free to bring them. We will do our own investigation in the cemetery after lunch.

All who are interested are welcome to join us. Feel free to share with your friends. RSVP is not required.

Tuesday, October 24 is our rain date in case of inclement weather on the 17th.

Photograph courtesy of Kathryn Lynn, taken October 2014, Church Street Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama. Can you spot the “apparition?”

©2015-2017 Our Lives In Stories


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