The Littlest Laundry Helper

Feeling a bit better today, I decided to catch up on laundry. Pausing in front of the washing machine, I felt a slight tickle on the top of my foot. I looked down and noticed what appeared to be a small brown leaf between my toes and ankle. A gentle swish of my foot shook the “leaf” off onto the floor. More careful observation showed that the “leaf” wiggled… a lot!

Helping me with laundry today was one of the newest additions to the gecko colony that lives in the walls of our house. I scooped the little fellow up and let him ride on the end of a bright yellow flyswatter. (No, I did not swat him. He rather liked it there.) He was safer off the ground where he would not get stepped on. I set the flyswatter on top of the dryer and resumed my work.

Opening the lid on the washer revealed a large, bright green grasshopper staring back at me. Nope, nope, nope… Oh, the joys of a laundry room with outdoor access!

SLAM went the lid. I grabbed the baby gecko, bright yellow fly swatter and all, and ran for help. Reptiles and amphibians I will tolerate, or at least attempt to catch and release. Bugs are another matter entirely.

Sam’s opinion is the polar opposite of my own. He takes care of the insect kingdom and all things arachnid. But don’t count on him for assistance with lizards or geckos or snakes. Sam relocated Mr. Grasshopper to the back yard while keeping one eye on me and my flyswatter friend.

Once laundry was started I had to figure out something to do with the little laundry helper. I couldn’t let him fall into the paws of the Hogwarts sisters. That would mean certain doom.

Littlest Laundry Helper
Left: The Littlest Laundry Helper. Right: The Hogwarts Sisters – Dobby (top) & Hermione (bottom)

Dobby and Hermione have made a very big dent in the local gecko population. No amount of reasoning can convince them of the helpfulness of the little critters. I try to explain how the geckos in residence help control the bug population. But I just don’t think I’m getting through to the girls.

I set the tiny gecko on the floor in a small space between the dryer and a storage shelf. Even the wily felines couldn’t reach him there. He grudgingly let go of the fly swatter and pattered a few steps away.

I did several loads of laundry this afternoon and caught a glimpse of the little fellow several times. He changed color from dark brown on the concrete floor– to nearly white on the linoleum — and then back to dark brown again. I hope his camouflage serves him well and he grows up to be one of the three- or four-inch adults that feast on bugs outside our back door. But don’t tell Sam I said that.

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