The Low Key Summer, or How Not to Cook Dinner

Facebook has been so kind as to inform me that it’s been two weeks since my last status update. It has been much longer than that on the blog. High time I got back to writing.

It has been a very stressful summer. Medical problems have been constant companions. I never thought I’d see the day that CFS and fibro were the least of my worries. While I did not receive great news from the nurse practitioner yesterday, there is hope that I can get something done in the near future about these new concerns. I leave it in the Lord’s hands.

As far as our “status” goes, I have not been out and about enough to generate many fascinating stories lately. I was hopeful to hit the ground running at the start of Kathryn’s last year of home school. But we’ve got one surgery in our family, and possibly two, to get through first. We will start our studies at home quietly in a week or so and see how things go from there.

Kathryn is assisting with makeup at the Chickasaw Civic Theater’s production of The Little Mermaid. Daunting task considering the size of the cast and ensemble. This week has been tech week. If you’re familiar with theater you know what a hectic time that can be. I am super proud of Kathryn for her commitment and willingness to share her talents. The whole bunch has put in long days and nights of practice. Opening night is day after tomorrow — Friday, August 4th.

Our last year of school promises to be a busy one. I am hopeful that Kat will like her subjects, though no one will dare hold their breath over Biology. She adamantly refuses to do dissections or even watch them on video. Since the young lady has no intention of pursuing a career in science or medicine, I believe we may let that battle go. We shall see.

Although I said I haven’t been out and don’t have any great stories to tell at the moment, I hate to leave everyone completely disappointed. Tonight’s excitement came from  my attempt to cook dinner. All who know me well are aware of what an adventure that can be.

My husband has taken up quite a bit of slack lately with cooking and laundry and running errands. He has also taken advantage of the few days with low humidity to keep up with the yard. A slight plumbing problem cropped up today, too, and I really didn’t want him to have to worry about feeding anyone. So I stumbled into the kitchen, drowsy from the new meds I’m taking, determined to handle it myself.

Chicken baking in the oven… check. Potatoes mashed and staying warm on the stove top… check. Green beans sitting on the warmer burner… check. Gravy simmering on the small back burner… Why isn’t that gravy simmering by now?

“What’s that smell,” you ask? Char-broiled pot holder, which did not begin to smoke in the slightest or burn (thank goodness) until a foul smell had wafted through the back of the house. In my state of drowsiness, I turned on the big burner in front of the gravy — the one with the potholder on it. Potholder

Yes, that is the sound of the vent fan running on high to draw out the less-than-appetizing-odor. Yes, that is the remains of the pot holder cooling its heels in my almond-colored, 1960’s era sink. Mother, please cover your eyes and close your ears… I love my almond-colored, 1960’s era sink.

Happy Summer, Y’all! 😉

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