When to Keep Your Mouth Shut, Promise-Maker

A few days ago, I started a series titled When to Keep Your Mouth Shut. You can read the first post and inspiration behind the series here.

Day 2 - Ecclesiastes 5_2

Standing under the cypress trees on the shore of Fairhope Bay looking up through the boughs as the sun filters down to the ground below. Dappled light. A cool breeze. The sound of the waves and the shore birds drowning out the cares of the day.

Standing beside those massive trunks it is easy to feel small, humble, diminutive. How then do we so easily lose that frame of mind when we come into the presence of Almighty God?

The folly of an empty religious profession, of empty promises, of going through the motions before a sovereign God. I am among the chief offenders.

As Matthew Henry writes in his commentary: “Never let our tongue outrun our thoughts in our devotions… Thoughts are words to God, and words are but wind if they be not copied from the thoughts. Lip-labour, though ever so well laboured, if that be all, is but lost labour in religion.”

Lord, help us to form words that are more than just wind to you, words from a sincere and humble heart. Praise be to God.

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