Springtime Roundup

Spring has arrived in the Deep South. The last couple of days were uncomfortably warm at midday, but pleasant otherwise. However, the weather is fickle. So we don’t hold our breath that conditions will stay this way. It’ll be hot as blue blazes before you know it.

Kat and I have declared the new two weeks to be our Spring Break. We have some work to do over the summer. I am giving us a little extra time to get prepared for that.

I’ve taken advantage of the break from schoolwork and the nice weather to get outside. I had company. Well, except for Dobby, whom we affectionately call “Scaredy Cat.” She hangs around outside except when the wind blows, or a car horn honks, or a garbage truck stops on the street, or a dog barks in the distance, or… Even taking into account her hiding out in the house, I still had more than adequate supervision.

Springtime Pet Roundup
L: Dobby cools her heels in the kitchen. C: Holly has her favorite spot amidst the junk on the back porch. R: Hermione keeps a close eye on Mom’s activities from the shade of the BBQ grill.

My plans are to container garden a few vegetables this year and work on the back beds for flowers. A stroll around the property shows several plants already blooming. Looking forward to growing more!

Springtime Plant Roundup.jpg
Clockwise from top left: Gladiolus, wisteria, roses, “bunny rabbit” cactus, bridal wreath, dewberries, and lantana.

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