Goodbye, September! Hello, Drama!

Where on earth did this month go?

Updates from Catville:

The cats have abandoned their perch in the kitchen cabinets, thank goodness. I’ve had to discourage Dobby from snuggling up with the dishes only once in the last week.

Dobby: “I just sat down and it turned on all by itself… Honest!”

Hermione seems to have lost all interest.

When it comes to their napping spots, the fickle felines don’t normally return to the same place for more than a week or so. They grow bored and scout out new beds, picking the most inconvenient places to sleep.

Their favorite spot du jour is atop the new printer. If you’re lucky you might manage to print a few pages before their assistance becomes actual interference. That’s if you don’t mind a bit of cat hair on the pages.

Updates from The Little Red Schoolhouse:

We started our current school year the day after Labor Day. Today we take our first short break. What we’re actually doing is swapping days off.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we head to Old Cahawba for Artifact Day. Old Cahawba was Alabama’s territorial capital from 1819 to 1826. Participants in Artifact Day will get an up-close look at the items excavated at the site and dated to the capital time period. We will learn about the preservation of these artifacts and help catalog them as well.

This counts as an amazing hands-on field trip and a whole lot of learning in my book. Plus it’s about a three-hour drive from our house. So Saturday will be our fifth instructional day of the week as opposed to Friday. Homeschooling is just cool like that.

Some recent school work did not fall under the “amazing” category, at least as far as the teen in residence was concerned. Kathryn had an American Government assignment to watch the first 15-20 minutes of the Presidential debate. The purpose of this was to gain an understanding of the rules and format of debates and how they should work.

Barely five minutes had passed when she asked, “Can I turn this circus off now?” Many adults would love to know the location of the switch that turns off the political monkey business. Cue the calliope…

theatre-98On a more pleasing note, this week Kathryn was accepted into a new drama group for teens. Theatre 98 in Fairhope, Alabama, formed Theatre 98 Players to give high school students community theatre experience. Acting and script-writing are just two of the skills the students will develop.

Kathryn is no stranger to theatre, having performed for the last six years with homeschool co-ops, community clubs, and student groups. Finding drama outlets in our area geared for older students has not been easy. She is glad to have this new opportunity.

Updates from the Garden:

The air is finally beginning to cool off around here just a little bit in the evenings. Thanks to a “cold front,” highs this week have been in the low to mid-80’s. Not bad for late September on the Gulf Coast.

Maybe it is the cooler weather or maybe it’s just a miracle, but the bell pepper plant is growing another pepper. So far so good. I hesitate to snap a photo for fear of jinxing it.

Flowers bloomed on the bell pepper off and on all summer, but most of them fell off before forming any fruit. The plant seems to get a bit more afternoon sunlight now that the rainy season is behind us. This coupled with the cooler temperatures has probably given it the boost it needs to produce.

Now to keep my eyes out for those nasty hornworms. They eat and eat, stripping the beautiful leaves and devouring the fruit the beleaguered plants (and gardener) work so hard to produce. Still their appetites are insatiable — never enough. And they poop everywhere. Maybe we should send them to Washington. I believe they’d fit right in.

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