Mid-September Updates: Cabinet Cats, Cubists, and Cahawba

Updates from Catville:

The kitchen has become the Kingdom of the Cat. Dobby and Hermione recently took a keen interest in the refrigerator. They must have thought it was some sort of air-conditioned cat condo with snacks in easy reach. Every time someone opened the door, they were underfoot, only too happy to climb inside. They did not appreciate being shooed away from their new palace, either.

I’m not sure whether the next bright idea of theirs was undertaken out of revenge or not. When we wouldn’t let them ransack the fridge, they set about finding a new place to curl up and sleep. Somebody learned how to open the upper cabinet doors. Voila! A cat-sized two-story apartment. It is a very good thing we have an automatic dishwasher.

Dobby has swapped roles these last couple of days from math tutor to study hall student. Either that or our review of equations, decimals, and scientific notation put her right to sleep. They pretty much have the same effect on Kat, too.

L: Condo Cats; C: Cabinet Apartment Cat; R: Study Hall Student

Updates from The Little Red Schoolhouse:

The hijacked math website is up and running properly again. Gone is the advertisement for “Sickbay Automotive.” The proper landing page now links us to the world of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry once more.

Kathryn has decided government is “stupid.” I am certain what she really means is that she thinks the study of government is stupid. Otherwise, as an American, I might have to take offense. Government of the people by the people, and all. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Our wide-range pH test strips arrived in the mail. Hooray! Lab work in the garden next week!

Just like gardening this year, our homeschool plans have turned to “Plan B,” though in a good way. A kind friend is loaning us high school science curricula. If we can be flexible and start off with chemistry this semester instead of biology, we can save a good bit of money. Doesn’t take an economic analysis to know that makes us happy! Kat isn’t wild about biology, so any good reason to delay its study puts a smile on her face.

Juan Gris: “A Man in a Cafe” 1914

We took advantage of some down time in our schedule to learn a bit about the Cubist art movement. I have no trouble understanding the significance of Cubism and the major change in the art world that it represented. That being said, I personally find Cubism to be an acquired taste. The Art Story is a great website to encourage and support appreciation of Modern Art. “Appreciation” might be a bit of a stretch as far as Kathryn was concerned, though.

What does this girl like? Kat is now expressing an interest in criminal psychology. Time to take a look around The Great Courses Plus and Khan Academy to see what might be suitable as elective work. Parking oneself on a bench in our local grocery stores ought to do nicely for project work in that area of study. Ms. Pepper Spray or Adventures at the Local Supermarket

Secretly I wonder what brought this new interest on, though I admit I’m a bit afraid to ask. As far as I know, there are no delinquents in our family. Too bad… It would have made for some fabulous stories!

The cats go AWOL from time to time, and we have accused Blondie the guinea pig of engaging in domestic terrorism when she gnaws and rattles her metal cage incessantly for treats. Still I doubt the rodent is influential enough in the grand scheme of things to inspire a change in career paths. That kind of leaves the obvious. It must be growing up in homeschool circles. You have to be crazy to do this — at least a little bit.

Updates from The Realm of the Dust Bunnies:

Kathryn was organizing our reading material when she discovered a book in the old yellow hardback Nancy Drew series that might possibly be worth a little something. The back cover, which lists all books in the series at the time of publication, appears to have a misprint. We own quite a few of those yellow hardback classics. I spent many hours with my nose in those books as a preteen. I look forward to playing “girl detective” and doing a bit of research on this odd cover.

We are slowly coming to understand the in’s and out’s of our new HE washing machine. These machines are super finicky about the height of the drain hose. The cause of last week’s problem was a hose not mounted high enough off the ground. Forget that the height of the hose was never a problem with our last machine. It matters now. Thankfully Sam was able to figure this out.

We also learned that when the user’s manual says not to wash one thing at a time, we should take the manual at its word. This is literal truth. Even if that one item is the largest, heaviest comforter you have in your house. Even if you washed it by itself for years in your last machine. This is an HE machine without an agitator. This is a whole new ballgame.

If you insist on breaking the rules, the machine will continue to alternately fill the tub with water and drain it, fill it and drain it, in an attempt to balance the load to its liking. By the time the machine stops itself you could probably have filled up a tub with enough water to wash twenty mules. mule-893336_960_720

Yes, I do have the visual image of a mule in my mind when I think of this new machine. But mules can be trained, and so can I… probably… maybe. Anyway, think of your clothing items as children on a trick-or-treat around the neighborhood. Everybody needs a partner. No one takes a spin around the block alone.

And speaking of taking a spin around the block, I am excited to learn that The Alabama Historical Commission and The University of Alabama’s Office of Archaeological Research are hosting an Artifact Day on the first of October at Old Cahawba, the sight of Alabama’s capital from 1819-1826. Layman volunteers can help process and analyze artifacts uncovered there in addition to learning about their preservation and progress made at the site.

I have registered several of us to be part of this event, hoping and praying that I will feel well enough to attend and enjoy myself. (CFS and fibro, go away!) This will be the first all-day trip away from home in quite some time. I am absolutely looking forward to it!

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