The Return of the Tutor & The Guest

As I’m writing this post, a large Mediterranean house gecko is loose in my kitchen. It slipped in the door as Sam was going outside to call in the cats. It made its entrance along the top of the door frame but began sliding ever so slowly down the wallpapered surface inside.the-guest

We were not successful in our attempts to catch and release it, unfortunately. Now Gecko watches us from some tucked away spot in the corner between the filing cabinet and stacks of printer paper. The cats know it is here. They nap on the table until it makes its next appearance, biding their time.

The geckos came with the house when we bought it fourteen years ago. They frequent the back porch, laundry room, and kitchen. On very quiet nights, you can sometimes hear their chirps in the walls or behind a large piece of furniture.

I appreciate the geckos’ help with insect control. However, this is a right rowdy bunch. They have been known to crawl into unmade beds and jump from a ceiling fan (which was in operation at the time) to the pillow on the bed below in the middle of the night. Thank God I was one county over at my mother’s house that night. Otherwise my head would have been on that pillow, and I doubt seriously I would have survived the experience to write this post.

Quite a few young geckos have met their demise under the sole of someone’s shoe, or bare feet, in the hallway after dark. My husband is not fond of anything reptilian, so I make an effort to relocate all but the smallest ones back outdoors. This one got away and so is on its own with the cats.

Our math tutor returned again today. She has been rambunctious herself lately. Early this morning she hassled the tenant hanging outside our bathroom window until the poor spider relocated higher up the wall.

Once schoolwork began inside, Professor Dobby made it her mission to be the biggest nuisance possible. Walk across Kat’s notebook. Curl up in the skillet. Bat at Kat’s pencil. Curl up in the skillet. Pounce on cat’s hands. Curl up in the skillet. Dobby may be the first tutor in the history of homeschooling to be expelled!


Dobby’s resting spot this morning was a metal skillet sitting on the table to dry. Nothing is off limits to these cats as far as finding a place to get comfy. Around here you are liable to find a feline peeking out of a sock drawer, cupboards, cabinets, or even curled up in the pots and pans. I have given up the battle and wash my cookware before and after I use it. Sam took the opportunity to point out that our “dinner” was under cooked.

Despite the rowdy tutor, and Dad’s jokes, we got down to business. Our studies on this third day of school included an intro to American government, grammatical analysis of vocabulary words and how understanding suffixes can improve our writing, algebra, ions and the pH scale. We are awaiting the arrival of wide-range pH test strips as part of a combination biology and chemistry experiment we will do in our garden next week. I’d be lying if I said Kat was even half as excited about this as I am.

In fact, Kat’s last remark just a short while after finishing her homework tonight went something like this: “Just so you know, chocolate chip cookies and Dr. Pepper together taste just like Tootsie Rolls, and that is my contribution to science.”

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