When God Whispers

There have been times when God whispered into my life in such a way and at such a time that the experience was unforgettable, out of the ordinary.

When I first began to struggle with crushing fatigue and depression as a young mother,  He gave me encouragement in a very personal way. I had fallen asleep reading my Bible and praying for relief and support. I cried out for healing and for a friend who would understand. I was awakened by the rustling of the pages of my Bible. It was no longer open to the passage I had been reading. Before me was the 103rd Psalm. God was listening.

Last night an online conversation with a friend turned to talk of past events in our lives. We rehashed an old situation that did not end well for any of the parties involved… bones better left buried. I came away feeling down, weary, and misunderstood.

This morning I received the following message from a total stranger: “Let not your heart be troubled ye believe in God believe also in Christ Jesus for greater is the word that’s in you (God spoken words) so let words in your heart rule you and the Peace of God will keep you in perfect Peace and give you everlasting strength.”

Love from the 14th chapter of the gospel of John, the 4th chapter of the first epistle of John, the 19th Psalm, and the 26th chapter of Isaiah.  God was listening… God is listening.

Psalm 19_14
original photo courtesy of Azrul Aziz, Unsplash

God cares deeply about what burdens us. The key to peace is not in the acceptance of those around us or even in the success of our plans.  Peace comes from waiting on Him, from knowing that He is greater than anything troubling us.  It comes from turning our very thoughts over to Him, mulling over His words and letting them settle in to the hurt places.  There is where we find peace and strength.  There is where God whispers directly to our hearts.

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