The Tenant

It’s early morning. The back of our house and tiny garden face southwest. It takes awhile for the sunshine to climb high enough to crest the top of the trees and dry things. The dew hangs from the tomato and bell pepper plants in fat droplets. Cool condensation drips from the corner of the house, plopping down on my head and Dobby’s. She is my gardening partner today.

Dobs_and_Herms collage
Left: Dobby implores her sister to come down and help us with the gardening.  Upper right: Hermione waves us off.  Lower right: Turtle pauses for a photo op.

The cicadas sing in the trees. One of the larger wild turtles lumbers ever so slowly through the tall grass. He stops for rest and a photo op. A female cardinal cheeps loudly nearby, calling her fella home.

We have a new tenant. As much as I dislike spiders, I appreciate every little bit of help with insect control. She is welcome to stay as long as she maintains her residence in the yard itself and keeps off my back porch. If she is not happy with these terms, I will consider charging her rent. The Tenant

The consensus on our pumpkin seeds is that they were bad. They should have sprouted weeks ago. I even dug them up, cracked open the hard outer covering, and replanted. Still nothing, and it’s been a whole month. Time to try a new packet.

Ideally pumpkin seedlings should have been ready for planting at least a month ago in this zone. But I’m not giving up yet. It’s so hot here through September that one or two could possibly grow large enough to harvest by October’s end. I have no plans to cook with them (much to the relief of my family). Keeping my expectations low and reasonable.

I have been housebound for days with a very bad bout of fatigue. My posts have been primarily about what’s going on in our yard because I’ve been too tired to go much of anywhere. Hoping and praying this will change soon. A trip to the beach would be nice, or even just to church. For now I have to settle on short, late-day excursions that sap as little energy as possible.

A visit to Tractor Supply seems reasonable. There’s one close to the house. I think I’ll head over there in the next day or so. The guinea pig could use more kibble. And I’m looking forward to staring fondly at their seed packets and pretending like I know what I’m doing.

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