Mourning Harry

We are mourning the loss of our sweet Harry Whizzer today. She was one of the litter of four beautiful little gray tabby kittens that my husband rescued out of a discarded recliner chair on our neighbors’ property back in the fall.

Harry Collage
Harry took the best selfies.  And she loved her naps.

Harry didn’t show up at the back door this morning. She was never one to miss breakfast, so it wasn’t long before we got worried. We are not positive exactly how she died, but being hit by a car is the most likely scenario. She is buried under the pecan tree out back not far from our guinea pig Bashful.

Harry was a unique cat. When she was a tiny kitten, we were positive she was a male. All four of them turned out to be females. But by the time we learned their actual gender, the names had stuck — Harry, Hermione & Dobby. The fourth kitten was adopted by Aunt Debbie, who did not care for our Harry Potter naming trend!

When I picked our three kittens up from the vet after they were spayed, I considered changing Harry’s name to Harriet. But I knew we’d never call her that… never in a million years! Harry had stuck, so Harry it was.

She earned the nickname Whizzer because of her strange litter box habits — doubly strange once we knew she was a female. As a little kitten, Harry did not like to use a litter box. She detested the feel of litter under her feet. Her favorite spot to go was on the kitchen floor in the corner next to the dishwasher. If we tried to fool her by sliding the litter box into that corner, she’d find somewhere else to do her business. But it wouldn’t be in that litter box! No way!

Out of desperation we put a shallow plastic pan in her corner and lined it with old towels or fleece blankets. That did the trick. Harry was happy to use the Whizzer box as we came to call it.

It took many months, but eventually she climbed in the litter box again and had recently begun using it almost exclusively. That was a hilarious site as Harry preferred to potty standing up on her back legs as tall as she could stretch. And as soon as she was finished she dove out of the litter box like a gazelle, sometimes leaping several feet before her feet touched the floor!

Her Whizzer box has sat unused for a couple of weeks. We were so very glad not to have to launder yucky towels every day. But we’d wash a million of those things if it meant we could have her back.

It is extremely difficult to let Harry go because she left us so suddenly and was such a young, sweet cat. Like all the animals that find their way into our homes and hearts, she will always be loved and never forgotten. Rest in peace, sweet Harry.

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