Sleepy Sunday

I could not drag out of bed this morning in time to get to church. In fact, I was up twice in the night with my legs. Learning to let go of the guilt of not being able to do early-morning things on a regular basis. Having faith that this is only a temporary condition. Believing that one day “normal” may just come to our house again. Until then I press on and try to make life as rich as possible under the circumstances.

Messing around in the back yard on my tiny scrap of dirt has given me joy. So far I have succeeded in producing absolutely nothing, unless you count the mushrooms now sprouting under my tomato plants. I’m pretty sure fungi in the vegetable patch isn’t the best indicator of success. Maybe it was the guinea pig poo in the aspen mulch. Hmmm…

Even if I never earn the nickname Farmer Brown, the experience, curiosity, and learning motivate me to get up and try to get moving. My plants don’t care if I’m hurting too much to fix my hair or match my clothes. Thankfully my husband and kids don’t either. My dog, cats, and guinea pig take absolutely no offense and wouldn’t complain if they did.

It was sometime going on 10 AM before I made it outside to check out the plants. The three amigas and Holly were all waiting on the back porch. A quick glance at the tomatoes and I find they have neighbors. Mushrooms have moved in downstairs.

July 24 collage

A small worm was busy munching on a bell pepper leaf. That worm has gone on to the big vegetable patch in the sky. I am not sure what to think about the mushrooms. Better Google it before I uproot them in case I find out they have magical fairy dust powers or that my garden will implode or something.

I left the bunny rabbit cactus outside to be sure it would rain today and cool us off. The picture I shared yesterday was a month or so old. I was able to get a better one today in the late morning sunshine. Looks like we have a bunny rabbit couple.

The real live animals have been a bit perturbed at my bush trimming campaign. They enjoy the shade provided by the overgrowth. As a compromise, I’m leaving one bush, well bushy. It’s an azalea about midway along the back of the house.

Green anole lizards call the bush home, and apparently something that is quite interesting to dogs and cats. Holly regularly stalks the bush, pushing her nose as far as possible into the base of it and tensing up as if a life sized Jack-in-the-box were about to pop out at any moment. The cats usually head on over to see what she’s found. That just thrills her to no end. Their short march from the back porch to the bush warrants a rest.

The three amigas (Harry, Dobby & Hermione) rest in their favorite shady spot.

Not a bad idea for a Sunday afternoon. I think I’ll take a cue from the cats and do the same.

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