Hermione and the Wasp – Part II

An encounter Hermione had with a wasp about two weeks ago led to complications.

Image courtesy of Wow_Pho, Pixabay

We paid a visit to the vet yesterday. Bad upper respiratory infection. Herms spent the last 24 hours or so napping and is doing so much better this evening. In fact, she is feeling well enough to get in big trouble. And evidently didn’t learn a darned thing from her first encounter with a stinging bug.

I was sitting at my desk in the back of the kitchen when I heard a very loud buzz above me. That was no housefly or mosquito. A big black wasp was headed my way. I had to duck to keep from colliding with it on my way out of the room. My husband was not available, so I returned to the kitchen to deal with it myself… or so I thought.

Hermione had been napping in a basket near my desk. I had no idea she paid any attention to my comings or goings, or to the wasp. Re-entering the kitchen, I could still hear the buzz of wasp wings. This time the sound was coming from the ground. “What luck!” I thought. “I’ll catch it on the ground and whack it with a fly swatter before the cat wakes up.”

I caught it on the ground alright, disabled and missing a wing, with… you guessed it… Hermione standing proudly over her prey. Great day in the morning! Thankfully she appeared no worse for the wear and seems to have gotten away unscathed this time.

An argument ensued over custody of the half-dead insect. I whacked it a time or two to be sure it wouldn’t get its second wind and come after one of us. That just riled Hermione up to no end. She tried to take it from me as I seriously considered whacking HER with the swatter. I managed to get it swept up into the dust pan and disposed of in the garbage can.

Oh, the dirty looks from my four-legged child! Mom is NO FUN. No fun at all. I made up for it with a big helping of rotisserie chicken. Hermione ate enough of that for two cats and then proceeded to wolf down some kibble. Hoping for no more bugs in the house, and no more close encounters with those that live outside.

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